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NSTY ( a.k.a Dany) art range is very wide and it varies from realistic, both Black and Grey and colour, Neotraditional but with his own personal touch, and Illustration style so any fun ideas that come to your mind he can put them in your skin. Having done few seminars of Newschool and Japanese style and coming from a family of painters ( his grandfather was a copy artist in the Prado Museum) he is capable of doing almost any style.

Original from Madrid, Spain he is an art-museum-geek and has traveled around Europe visiting every art gallery he could. Having studied in the most prestigious art academy of Madrid he is really into renaissance oil painting and would be more than happy to do more tattoos of that kind.

"I am a huge fan of Dalí and Rembrant, very passionate about my job and obsessioned with both oil paintings and classical sculptures, Bernini and Miguel Angel are my favourites. I love photography, and getting lost in a foreign country and capting the life and culture with my camera.
My dream is to have a solo exhibition in Paris.


You can email him at dany@latinangel.co.uk


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