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Does it hurt?
The first question for anyone thinking about getting a tattoo done! There are number of variables on what the sensation of getting a tattoo is like, from where abouts on your body you get your tattoo, to what your own personal pain barrier is like. A good tattooist should control their machine so the needle only goes into your skin a fraction of an inch. A good way of summing up the sensation is like a cat scratching you. So the answer is yes, getting a tattoo hurts a little bit, but not nearly as much as you think. I often say 'that didn't hurt nearly as much as I thought it would!

How much do your tattoos’s cost?
There are so many variables to this question, such as how detailed the chosen design is, the size, colours used and even where about on your body you would like it, it is hard to give an idea of price until i have made your design. However I always try to be as reasonable as possible with my pricing (i´m do this for the love of tattooing as opposed to the money!)

Will you tattoo our my designs and drawings?
Of course! I will tattoo anything you bring in to me from magazine illustrations to photographs! Just make sure you ask permission ofthe owner of the image before you use it.

Do custom designs or consultations cost anything?
Absolutely not! In fact I invite people to pop in the studio and see me with an idea or challenge, and there is no obligation to get your work done with me at all. If you do decide to get some custom work from me, all I take is a small deposit, which comes off the price of your tattoo when you actually come to get it done!

Am I allowed to change anything on custom or flash designs?
Definitely! i´m here to create the perfect tattoo just for you, this is a piece of art that is going to be on your body forever, and I want to make sure it is absolutely perfect, so that you're as happy with it in 20 years as you are today. 

Is it possible to cover up an old tattoo?
Yes! I treat a cover up just as any other piece of custom work, the only difference is i require to take a picture of the original tattoo you wish to cover! Then I´ll create your new design to fit over the top. All cover-ups will be left looking like new tattoo’s and not cover-ups. See some examples on my gallery.

Is it possible to refurbish and go over an old tattoo?
I´m specialize in bringing old pieces back to life, see my galleries for some examples! On the odd occasion we see tattoos where lines are too close together to fix outright, however in these cases there are always options of expanding the original design, or covering it up with a completely new one.

Do you tattoo everywhere on the body?
Normally this decision is left to me, however by rule of thumb I generally don’t tattoo anywhere below the wrist (on the hand) or above the collar line (upper neck/face) however I do make exceptions, so pop in and talk to me about it.

Can you tattoo on scars and moles?
There are a lot of scars and moles I´m able to tattoo over, however there are a few that I can’t. The best thing is to point it out to me when you come in for your consulation. Any scars/moles that cannot be tattooed over can most certainly be worked into and disguised within the design.

Can you numb the are to be Tattooed?
For a lot of reasons, the answer is NO! The main reason being only licensed medical professionals can legally give anaesthetics. 

Are the tattoo needles used on only one person?
I absolutely never use a needle on more than one person. On top of this my tattoo equipment is sterilized and the studio religiously cleaned and disinfected after every customer.

What is the aftercare should I give my tattoo when it is done?
After your tattoo is completed I will cover your tattoo with cling film. This is to stop dirt, germs and air coming into contact with your new tattoo. You should keep the tattoo covered with Clingfilm until the next morning. If you want to remove the Clingfilm and have a shower/wash, this is fine, but you should apply a new piece of Clingfilm afterwards. Ideally you should keep the initial Clingfilm on until the next 7 days
When you remove the Clingfilm the tattoo will appear to be “slimy” in appearance this is in fact an extra layer of platelets excreted from you body to protect this new “wound”. Gently wash the area with warm water and an antibacterial soap, and pat the area dry. You then need to use a healing cream to protect your Tattoo, this should be applied at least two times per day. The best aftercare cream is Bepanthen this can be purchased from us, as this reduces scabbing of the tattoo. Other aftercare products specially formulated for the healing of Tattoo’s are also fine to use. Vaseline should be avoided, as this restricts air from reaching the tattoo. Other harmful astringents and antiseptics such as TCP, Dettol and perfumed lotions should be avoided. Sudocreme is also inadvisable, as this is not easily absorbed into the skin. When I finished your tattoo I will give you full instructions on how to care for your tattoo, however you can also view this information on my F.A.Q. page.

Will my tattoo scab whilst healing?
Your tattoo will soon begin to dry out, and a scab will form. Ideally the scabbing needs to be kept minimal, if the scabs are damaged your tattoo will lose pigment and may scar. Bepanthen will keep scabbing minimal and may prevent scabs forming at all, depending on your immune system.

Can I have a bath/ shower whilst my tattoo is healing?
Do not soak your tattoo for a prolonged period of time, ideally baths, Jacuzzis, swimming pools and saunas should be avoided, however showers are fine. After your shower pat the area dry or allow to air dry. Rubbing the Tattoo, and picking especially, will not only ruin the design, it will also scar your skin. Apply a thin layer of bepanthen after.

Can I go on a sun bed or sunbathe whilst my tattoo is healing?
Avoid exposing your Tattoo to sun or sun-beds whilst it is healing, UV rays can damage the tattoo causing it to fade. Ideally after the tattoo has fully healed sun block should still be used on the tattooed area.

Can my tattoo get infected?
Be aware that Tattoos can become infected. Avoid getting anything dirty on your tattoo while it is healing. Pets can cover your Tattoo in hair, saliva etc so ensure your new Tattoo is covered before handling any animals. If your Tattoo does become dirty, wash it immediately with antibacterial soap, pat dry and apply the aftercare cream.

How long does it take to heal?
A tattoo can take 1-2 months to completely heal. Although the scabbing will disappear (with proper aftercare) within a couple of weeks, the Tattoo may still appear faint, or the skin may appear shiny and taut for up to a month after. Keep applying your aftercare cream at least twice a day until the skin has fully healed. Most tattoos take between 4-6 weeks to fully heal. Following my aftercare instructions will minimize healing time and the risk of problems.

Please remember we don't give prices or quotes over the phone or via emails, you need to come to the studio for a consultation so we'll be able to give you a quote.


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