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Maryann is an artist frim Moldova , with ottoman and russian roots. She was born to gain experience . Life gave her artistic skills, that's why first what she learned it was drawing.
From the childhood , Mary's unusual direction in art was formed and inspired by Peruvian artist Boris Vallejo, and legendary musical project from '90 "Enigma"

That's why the love to fiction , female images and scandalous perception of religion was incarnated in her art.
Maryann don't see the limits in creating unusual pictures, and she happily do Your desired drawing.
"For me is very important that every created picter had not only beauty and harmonious visual merger with the body, but also to give deep sense and important message for every our customer.
My passion to futuristic, ethnic and esoteric movies, books and music , give me apportunity to draw exactly what i like so much, and doubtless what are You looking for"
We are here to create and to realize Our dreams !


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