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Artist Latin Angel
Miguel Angel Tattoo  

Miguel is the Artist and Director at Latin Angel Studio. Everything is overlooked by his creative eye before going on your skin or your wall.

you can email him at info@miguelangeltattoo.com


Carina Roma  

Carina is our newest artist, straight from the land of Caipirinhas, Samba, and Carnival! She brings a mix of colourful, neo traditional and sacred geometry. Carina completes the Latin family.


you can email her at carina@latinangel.co.uk



Libby Wells is a passionate Artist who spends her days Tattooing, Painting, Sketching or out hunting for reference.

She loves to sketch and Paint in oils working mostly from photos, this translates to her Tattooing style. She especially loves to tattoo animals, botanical themes and figurative photos but all ideas are welcome.


Libby will be Working May 4th, 5th and 6th



Joh has found her new home at Latin Angel. An elegant and refined custom studio set up by Miguel where creativity and talented artists adhere to the highest standards of hygiene and offer a service second to none.

You can email her to johanne@latinangel.co.uk

Instagram Coming soon...


Georgi aka "G" Abusleme is our regular guest artist, he brings Miguel's motherland inspiration to a new level which fuse vibrant colours into neotraditional and Japanese and the roots of the central Amazonian with Geometry and Dotwork.


You can email him at georgi@latinangel.co.uk





Renato is a well known tattoo artist/studio owner from Gran Canaria with more than 20 years experience in the business, he is Miguel's oldest and best friend!

you can email him at renato@latinangel.co.uk


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