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Carina Bio

Carina Roma is a brazilian tattoo artist living in London. She was born in December of 1988, started tattooing in 2013 in Sao Paulo and soon was working at Nimbus Studios, a music and recording studio that has it's own tattoo shop inside. In 2014 she moved to Italy and worked there at D.I.D. Tattoo Studio in a small town called Vittorio Veneto. She moved to London in April of 2015 and here she has already worked at the studios Rotary Heaven, Prick and Clapham Ink, before moving to her new home Latin Angel Studio.

Her passion is the neo-traditional style and her designs are usually inspired by nature elements such as animals, flowers and the female form. She also likes to create mandala and geometric designs and mixing the styles to come up with different and custom pieces for her customers.

She is focused on growing up as a tattoo artist, is interested on doing guest spots and conventions in various countries and networking with other artists around the world.



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